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Announcing Version 3.2 Analysis Apps

We're pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 3.2 of the MindWare Technologies Analysis Applications. As your partners in research innovation, we're proud to provide the most valuable suite of analysis applications to date. We've listened to all of your feedback and implemented many requested features to save you time and improve your consistency.

Version 3.2 of our Analysis Applications come with a host of new and improved features, including:

  • Automatically track data editing statistics
    • Good/Estimated/Artifact ratio
    • Duration of data edits
    • All of these statistics written to Excel output
  • Improved R-peak detection using the Shannon Energy Envelope technique
  • Improved respiration rate calculation
  • Automatic recall of ECG & dZ/dt series inversion
  • Better re-use of HRV edits in IMP by excluding estimated peaks
  • Quickly determine why a point is marked as potential artifact
  • New data edit tool - “Extend” which helps handle signal artifact at beginning/end of segment
  • Hotkeys for quick access to graph tools
  • Change channel colors and choose which channels data edits affect
  • Insert all peaks/troughs between X cursors
  • Insert multiple midbeats when more than one beat is missing/unidentifiable
  • Undo/redo individual edits while editing
  • Save edits while you work at any time
  • Apply edits to all channels, or any subset of channels being analyzed
  • Export events in relative or absolute time
  • Import data from multiple event channels and sources
  • Improved IBI import flexibility
  • No longer requires Excel to write outputs
  • Streamlined channel mapping screen that emphasizes use of edit files
  • Simplified events & modes configuration
  • New edit file format retains channel mapping and signal processing settings*
  • Shared configuration files for all 3.2.x releases
  • Support for synchronization of videos recorded with Noldus Media Recorder (when integrating with BioLab)
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Excel 2016
  • AcqKnowledge Improvements
    • Read files directly - no need to re-sample or re-scale data
    • Read AcqKnowledge event markers
  • And much more planned...

Preorder online or contact today to place an order.

* Version 3.2 Analysis Applications will store edits in a new file type that cannot be opened by older versions of the applications. Version 3.2 will be able to import existing edits from older applications.

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