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8-Slot BioNex
Model 50-3711-08

8-Slot BioNex

Product Description

This product was designed to be the workhorse of most research laboratories. It contains 8-user configurable slots providing up to 32 channels of custom signal conditioning. These slots can be configured using any combination of the available BioNex modules. It also supports high speed data acquisition, simultaneous digital input, and flexible triggering options.


Sample Application Areas

BioLab is a powerful yet easy to use software interface for the BioNex product line. BioLab gets you up and running quickly and provides display, analysis, scaling, and recording of all your data. 

Product Features

Related Products

BioNex 3-Channel Bio-Potential and GSC Amplifier
Model 50-371101-00
Can be used to monitor up to 3 channels of bio-potentials such as: ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG and 1 channel of GSC.
BioNex 4-Channel Bio-Potential Amplifier
Model 50-371102-00
Used to monitor a wide array of bio-potentials such as: ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, and others.
BioNex 4-Channel High Level Interface Module
Model 50-371103-00
The 4-Channel High Level Interface can be used to monitor high level isolated outputs from many stand alone instruments and self amplified high level transducers.
BioNex Rating and Response Module (RRM)
Model 50-371109-00
The BioNex Rating and Response Module with 2 rating dial boxes provides continuous analog rating and event response measurements.
BioNex 4-Channel Transducer Amplifier
Model 50-371106-00
Designed to be used with a wide array of transducers such as: pulse plethysmographs, thermistors, accelerometers, and pressure transducers.
BioNex Impedance Cardiograph & GSC 2
Model 50-371135-00
Can be used to measure impedance cardiography, skin conductance, and other physiology signals. It measures ECG, Z0 (thoracic impedance), dZ/dt (1st derivative of Z0), and GSC. This is the second revision of the Impedance Cardiograph and features cleaner signals for your research needs.

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