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BioNex Impedance Cardiograph & GSC 2
Model 50-371135-00

BioNex Impedance Cardiograph & GSC 2

Product Description

MindWare's Impedance Cardiograph and GSC 2 Amplifier can be used to measure impedance cardiography, skin conductance, and other physiology signals. It measures ECG, Z0 (thoracic impedance), dZ/dt and GSC (Galvanic Skin Conductance). This unit is perfect for research studies that require sympathetic, parasympathetic and cardiac function measures. This is the second-generation amplifier that features improve signal clairty to greatly improve your ability to identify the morphology critical for an accruate assessment of sympathetic control.


This amplifier is interchangeable between any of the BioNex models. 


Impedance Cardiography is currently employed in clinical cardiology and as well as psychophysiological studies of autonomic cardiac control in human performance contexts. Parameters of relevance include both the systolic time interval and the pre-ejection period (PEP) which indexes myocardial contractility and hence is sensitive to variations in sympathetic control.

Product Specifications

Product Features

Data comparison between previous and current generation of Impedance Cardiographs


Old Impedance Cardiograph Data


New Impedance Cardiograph 2 Data

Products Required for Usage

2-Slot BioNex (Legacy Product)
Model 50-3711-02
This is now a legacy product. Contains two card slots that can accept any combination of the six available BioNex modules. It supports data acquisition, analog output, triggering and digital event recording.
8-Slot BioNex
Model 50-3711-08
This product was designed to be the workhorse of most laboratories. It contains 8-user configurable slots providing up to 32 channels of custom signal conditioning.
BioLab Acquisition Software
Model 60-0107-00
BioLab can quickly and easily acquire data from MindWare's entire versatile line of desktop and wireless hardware including all the BioNex and Ambulatory instruments.

Optional Products for Usage

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis Software
Model 60-0600-00
Calculates VLF, LF, HF/RSA power, HR, respiration rate, IBI series.
Impedance Cardiography (IMP) Analysis Software
Model 60-0601-00
Calculates LVET, PEP, SV, CO, HR, dZ/dt max, Mean IBI, IBI series, number of R peaks.
Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Analysis Software
Model 60-0602-00
Our EDA Analysis Software calculates specific and non-specific skin conductance responses based on events.

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