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BioNex Impedance Cardiograph & GSC 2

Model 50-371135-00


Required Accessories

BioLab Acquisition Software Image

BioLab Acquisition Software
Model 60-0107-00

BioLab can quickly and easily acquire data from MindWare's entire versatile line of desktop and wireless hardware including all the BioNex and Ambulatory instruments.

2-Slot BioNex (Legacy Product) Image

2-Slot BioNex (Legacy Product)
Model 50-3711-02

This is now a legacy product. Contains two card slots that can accept any combination of the six available BioNex modules. It supports data acquisition, analog output, triggering and digital event recording.

8-Slot BioNex Image

8-Slot BioNex
Model 50-3711-08

This product was designed to be the workhorse of most laboratories. It contains 8-user configurable slots providing up to 32 channels of custom signal conditioning.


Optional Accessories

Impedance Cardiography (IMP) Analysis Software Image

Impedance Cardiography (IMP) Analysis Software
Model 60-0601-00

Calculates LVET, PEP, SV, CO, HR, dZ/dt max, Mean IBI, IBI series, number of R peaks.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis Software Image

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis Software
Model 60-0600-00

Calculates VLF, LF, HF/RSA power, HR, respiration rate, IBI series.

Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Analysis Software Image

Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Analysis Software
Model 60-0602-00

Our EDA Analysis Software calculates specific and non-specific skin conductance responses based on events.


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