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Impedance Cardiography (IMP) Analysis Software

Model 60-0601-00


IMP Features

  • Improved R peak detection using the Shannon Energy Envelope technique
  • Automatically ignore estimated peaks, improving reusability of edits between HRV and IMP
  • Keyboard shortcuts for writing segments and searching through file for points of interest such as an unwritten segment or artifact
  • New optimization for the Kubicek stroke volume calculation to normalize spot electrodes with bands and transthoracic echocardiography
  • Ensemble editor improvements, including: undo/redo edits, save edits as you make them, and recalculate ensemble point locations on demand
  • Software compatibility


Additional Features

  • Official Windows 10 support
  • Streamlined events and modes setup with new options available
  • Add multiple event sources to use events from a variety of systems
  • Show events for reference when analyzing in Time mode
  • More flexible event-based analysis, including the option to split an event-based segment into multiple smaller segments
  • Improved Multi-Event (previously &ldquoEvent to Event&rdquo) analysis support, allowing for quicker analysis of multiple event combinations
  • Improved AcqKnowledge file read - files no longer need to be re-scaled or re-sampled before opening in MindWare
  • Streamlined channel mapping emphasizes the use of edit files
  • New edit file format stores important settings needed to reproduce the edited data. These settings are automatically recalled when the edit file is loaded
  • Undo/redo edits
  • Save edits as you analyze instead of only when you are done
  • Expanded insert/delete all options using cursors
  • New channel display options
  • Edit all channels simultaneously, or apply edits to each channel individually
  • Keyboard shortcuts for selecting graph tools and scrolling through data
  • Click a point in the graph to learn why it is flagged as artifact
  • Extend edit tool preserves average signal amplitude while removing artifact at the beginning/end of a segment
  • Write Excel output files without having Excel installed
  • Edit statistics worksheet contains point distribution and data edits summary
  • Open an existing output for a given data file during analysis to continue writing to it in a new session. Automatically detect which segments have already been written

Impedance Webinar March 29th, 2016

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