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Electromyography (EMG) Analysis Software

Model 60-0603-00


EMG Software Features

  • Calculates VRMS, VMean, Integral, Peak Frequency, and Peak Power statistics
  • Capable of analyzing 32 channels at a time
  • User programmable Band Pass and Low Pass filters
  • User enabled Notch Filter(50/60 Hz) and Rectification
  • Displays raw, filtered, and spectral data
  • Startle Response amplitude and latency calculations aligned to pre/post stimulus presentation
  • Export raw, filtered, and spectral time series data to ASCII format
  • Spline data sections in up to 32 channels using the robust graphical editor
  • Customize the display with channel separation for easy viewing
  • Software compatibility


Additional Features

  • Data slider that controls both video and data for synchronous analysis
  • Full Mpeg Audio/Video Playback (up to 4 videos simultaneously)
  • Several flexible analysis modes (Time, Event, Event & Time)
  • Easily report analysis data to Excel
  • Includes support for BioNex Event Files and .txt Event Files
  • Analysis results easily imported into NOLDUS Observer allowing integration of behavior and physiologic activity
  • NOLDUS Observer output easily imported allowing data analysis based on behavioral events
  • ASCII file import / conversion to .mw format
  • Works with MWI/MWX, MindWare (.mw), BIOPAC (.acq), EDF, and BDF file formats. Includes (.txt) import/conversion for capability with platforms such as EGI and Psylab
  • Ability to filter events by type or name
  • User controls for most filters and bands
  • Ability to save and recall edited data
  • Powerful graphical editors for modifying physiological data and removing artifacts
  • Segment switching for fast and easy toggling between data segments (page up / page down)
  • Automatic scoring of datasets with Auto-Analyze

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