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Noldus Observer Behavioral Coding Suite

Model 62-2208-00


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The Observer is the world standard for behavioral coding and analysis software.

  • Gather rich and meaningful data
  • Record time automatically and accurately
  • Integrate video and physiology in behavioral studies
  • Calculate statistics, assess reliability, and create transition matrices
  • Make clips of those parts of video and data of interest to you
  • Analyze groups of observations at once
  • Filter relevant selections of data
  • Work as a team on one project

With a 20 year track record and cited in hundreds of scientific publications, The Observer is an invaluable research tool for a wide variety of disciplines. The Observer XT combines proven concepts with cutting edge technology to help you make the most of your research.


Rooted in manual event recording, The Observer XT contains all the essentials for behavioral research (parent-child interaction, ergonomics, doctor-patient interaction, usability testing, and consumer behavior research):

  • coding scheme building
  • data entry
  • data management
  • statistical analysis
  • inter-rater reliability analysis

All can be applied in various settings: live, from video, and in combination with physiological data.


Applications cover anything from straightforward small-scale studies to complex experiments with hundreds of replicates, from single-user set-ups to teams with dozens of members, and from live observations on a handheld computer to integrated lab set-ups. Over time, The Observer XT grows with you, allowing you to start small and add extra modules or hardware when you need to. We can tailor both the software and the hardware configurations to fit your needs and budget.

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