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A growing list of individuals who use our products as a part their research.

USA - Arizona

Burleson, Mary   Arizona State University

Roberts, Nicole A.   Arizona State University

USA - California

Johnson, Sheri L.   University of California - Berkeley

Quas, Jodi   University of California - Davis

USA - Florida

Lieberman, Debra   University of Miami

McCoullough, Mike E.   University of Miami

Salomon, Kristen   University of South Florida

USA - Georgia

Parr, Lisa A.   Emory University

USA - Illinois

Cacioppo, John T.   University of Chicago

Chen, Eunice   University of Chicago

Hawkley, Louise   University of Chicago

USA - Kansas

Jorgensen, Michael   Wichita State University

Pressman, Sarah D.   Kansas University

USA - Louisiana

Shirtcliff, Elizabeth “Birdie”   University of New Orleans

USA - Massachusetts

Feldman-Barrett, Lisa   Boston College

Lerner, Jennifer   Harvard University

USA - Michigan

Backs, Richard W.   Central Michigan State University

USA - New Jersey

Quigley, Karen   New Jersey School of Medicine

USA - New York

Miller, Bruce   University at Buffalo

Wood, Beatrice   University at Buffalo

USA - Ohio

Berntson, Gary G.   The Ohio State University

Davis, Kermit   University of Cincinnati

Demaree, Heath A.   Case Western Reserve University

Schneider, Tamera   Wright State University

USA - Pennsylvania

Blandon, Alysia Y.   Penn State University

Creswell, David   Carnegie Mellon University

Feeney, Brooke   Carnegie Mellon University

Franzen, Peter   University of Pittsburgh

Hall, Martica   University of Pittsburgh

Jennings, Richard   Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center

Matthews, Karen   Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center

Scott, Lori   University of Pittsburgh

Silk, Jennifer   University of Pittsburgh

Stepp, Stephanie D.   University of Pittsburgh

Stifter, Cynthia A.   Penn State University

West, Sheila G.   Penn State University

USA - Texas

Chen, Denise   Rice University

Peres, Camille   University of Houston Clear Lake

Robinson, Jennifer L.   Scott & White Healthcare

USA - Utah

Crowell, Sheila E.   University of Utah

Holt-Lunstad, Julianne   Brigham Young University

Uchino, Bert N.   University of Utah

USA - Virginia

Lorig, Tyler S.   Washington and Lee University

USA - Washington

Brown, Ryan A.   Northwestern University

Carrere, Sybill   University of Washington

Linehan, Marsha   University of Washington

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